BRANOseal corrugated cardboard

Premium Product

BRANOseal corrugated cardboard is open on one side and its B-flute is refined with cold-sealable properties. The product only adheres to itself.

Increased sealing temperatures are not necessary.

We can offer additional corrugated flute thicknesses to suit your individual requirements.

BRANOseal corrugated cardboard is used for intelligent sealing solutions in the packaging sector. The coated fluted side adheres to itself but not to the article being packaged. There is no need for additional sealing material such as adhesive tape or straps.

BRANOseal corrugated cardboard is used:


  • In the mail order business for packaging books, CDs, DVDs, etc., quickly and easily.
  • In the furniture sector for shielding scratch-sensitive chair and table legs, etc.
  • In the transport sector, for protecting scratch- and impact-sensitive parts, for example bicycle frames and forks, electronic components, etc.
  • For individual packaging and individual protective padding

Examples of usage: