High-quality corrosion protection solutions for automotive, machines and metalworking industry

This is how you can protect your products against corrosion:

Three methods for protecting your valuable products against corrosion: the VCI principle (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors), the oil method and the desiccant method.

Whether in film, aluminium composite, liquid or paper-based form, BRANOpac is the ideal way to protect high-quality metal products. Our technologies have been developed to create corrosion protection solutions that are more than a match for the toughest conditions.

BRANOpac has set new standards, particularly with its paper- and cellulose-based products.
Its BRANOrost corrosion protection paper is one of the best in the world, having proven its worth millions of times.

The VCI-emitting, cellulose-based BRANOrost chips are wholly unique, providing “dry” corrosion protection under even the most challenging conditions, either on their own or in conjunction with BRANOpac’s VCI films.

Solutions with system

In our Cell-, Fluid- and Vac-area you can choose between BRANOpac’s Basic, Premium and Customized solutions to suit your specific corrosion-protection requirements. Our system allows you to obtain products that offer the optimum protection for your needs.