Basic product

BRANOtect AIII is a light corrosion protection fluid made from refined mineral oil, petroleum distillates and corrosion protection additives. It contains neither silicones nor lanolin. The product is characterised by its excellent creep properties, good lubricating action and water displacement.

BRANOtect AIII provides versatile aid in the handling of metal components. It works by forming an exceptionally thin yet highly effective temporary protective film against corrosion on all metal surfaces. It creeps along the surface of the metal and into clearances, crevices and pores, displacing adhesive moisture. It lubricates all moving metal surfaces and moving parts.

BRANOtect AIII is used for transportation protection for all metal surfaces, mass products, precision work pieces, subassemblies, machines, accessories, tools, measuring instruments, switching contacts and all movable parts.