BRANOral C10

Premium product

BRANOral C10 is a clear, alcoholic active substance solution for diluted application in processing fluids or rinsing baths.

BRANOral C10 creates an extremely thin, practically unnoticeable passivation layer on non-ferrous metals. This vastly improves the resistance against tarnishing – from the air or in the coil – preventing the familiar fast decrease in solderability.

BRANOral C10 is a suitable corrosion protection agent for cavity protection where BRANOrost papers cannot be used and in the case of narrow tubes, bends, etc., and especially for inter-plant shipment and CKD shipments in the automotive industry. BRANOral C10 is applied by spraying into cavities, tubes and other systems that can be closed and by drop-by-drop application in foil bags.