The nitrite-free, special polyethylene film BRANOfol M4 offers active corrosion protection for multi-metals, effective on both sides. Since the film constantly emits small amounts of volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCIs) into the packaging, metal surfaces are protected even if they are not in direct contact with the film. BRANOfol M4 is a further development of BRANOfol M3. It is based on our latest batch system and thus reaches an accelerated establishment of its protective atmosphere with constant long-term protection. Consequently, an even more efficient corrosion protection can be guaranteed. Moreover, the film provides an excellent visual film pattern.

The bluish transparent corrosion protection film is waterproof, weldable and suitable for automatic packaging as well as for bag production. It is also available with highly tear-proof, shrinkable, anti-static, electrically conductive, flame retardant, cross-laminated, UV-stabilized and highly elastic properties.