Individual corrosion protection solutions, technical specialty papers, as well as food papers and cartons from BRANOpac.

Why BRANOpac?

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of specialty solutions for packaging materials and process aids based on paper and plastic outside the commodity sector, we specialize in producing VCI corrosion protection papers, VCI films, and masterbatches. However, BRANOpac offers much more than just corrosion protection solutions. With our business units BRANOtech and BRANOfood, we also offer technical specialty papers as well as food papers and cardboard.

Our modern laboratory and in-house research and development ensure that our products are always up-to-date and meet the highest quality standards. In addition, we can directly address the specific needs of our customers.

At BRANOpac, the customer and their product are always at the center of our actions. For this reason, we do not just sell isolated products, but find the best possible solution for each customer. A 'solution with a system' that is perfectly tailored to our customers' applications.

Our promise is to protect your valuable products - so that good things remain valuable! Contact us and join us in choosing blue solutions.

BRANOpac worldwide

With headquarters in Germany, subsidiaries in India, China and the USA, offices in France, Italy and Croatia as well as global trading partners Handelspartnern, we are there for you worldwide.