The following certificates document BRANOpac´s product quality and our enviromentally-friendly manufacturing processes. Please contact us anytime for more detailed information. We are looking forward to our conversation.

Dekra corrosion protection certificated

Condensation water test for the products:


FSC - Sustainable Forestry

SCS Global Services does hereby certify that an independent audit has been completed and conformity to the applicable standard(s) has been confirmed for BRANOpac GmbH.

The certificate includes the development, processing and sale of VCI corrosion protective paper and cardboard, siliconized paper and cardboard for food purposes and special technical paper and cardboard using the transfer system.

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Date of certification: 2016-01-29
Valid until: 2021-01-2

BRC certificated



Manufacturing and printing of baking papers, baking cardboards, filtration papers, greaseproof papers and baking moulds for direct food contact
Evidence was provided during an audit.

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Date of certification: 2019-02-19
Valid until: 2020-03-31

ISO certificated

Implementation and maintaining of a Quality and Enviromental Management System.


Manufacture and marketing/ distribution of: VCI Corrosion Protection Systems, Silicon papers, barrier materials and other refined papers, as well as advice for specific client application needs.
Evidence was provided during an audit.

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Date of certification: 2020-03-03
Valid until:

PEFC - Sustainable Forestry

It was proved that the requirements with regard to the PEFC „Chain of Custody“ are fulfilled and applied.

PEFC Scope: Pulp and Paper

Date of certification: 2016-01-29

Valid until: 2021-01-28

Volkswagen certificated

VW procedure for examining the chemical composition and effectiveness of VCI packaging.

BRANOfol R3 corrosion protection bags, covers and tube film

Date of certification: 2013-01-07
Valid until: Unlimited

BRANOrost R corrosion protection paper

Date of certification: 2013-03-14
Valid until: Unlimited

Ferrogard corrosion protection paper

Date of certification: 2013-04-20
Valid until: Unlimited

BRANOfol M4 ≥ 60µm corrosion protection film

Date of certification: 2019-07-24
Valid until: Unlimited

Hessen sustained

The action plan includes:

  • the documentation and quantification of emissions harmful to the enviroment,
  • the regulation of measures,
  • the description of economic goals
  • regular monitoring,
  • the binding starting date.

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