BRANOrost Chip

Premium Product

BRANOrost chips are made of cellulose, cut or stamped into various sizes, and impregnated with premium VCI quality from BRANOpac. These chips are inserted or suspended in packages or cavities with closed outer walls to serve as a source of VCIs.

In addition, BRANOrost chips are the perfect supplementary product for VCI films in use under extreme conditions or in large machine packaging. Combination packaging using BRANOfol and BRANOrost chips can guarantee the integrity of barrier layer packaging materials (aluminium composites) – and is significantly more cost-effective.

BRANOrost chips are coated with BRANOpac’s proven VCI premium quality and have outstanding padding and scratch protection properties for metallic components and surfaces. This means that BRANOrost chips provide combined protection from damage and corrosion.

Each fibre of BRANOrost chips is enhanced with VCI active substances. Which means that BRANOrost chips offer an excellent VCI depot in packaging and cavities.

Examples of usage: