Cold-sealable paper | BRANOseal

Sustainable packaging solution


  • No need for increased sealing temperatures
  • No additional adhesive or sealing materials
  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Wide range of application options
  • Easy to dispose and recyclable
  • Odorless

BRANOseal BS8 is a cold-sealable paper that is coated on one side and only adheres to itself at room temperature. Increased sealing temperatures are not necessary.

BRANOseal BS8 is used for intelligent sealing solutions in the packaging sector. It can be utilised as packaging paper or processed into BRANOseal corrugated cardboard. The coated side of the paper adheres to itself but not to the article being packaged. BRANOseal is currently also used as hygiene paper, for example as grip protection for shopping trolleys. There is no need for additional sealing material such as adhesive tape or strapping band.

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