60 years on three continents - BRANOpac celebrates company anniversaries around the globe

In 2022, the BRANOpac GmbH is celebrating three anniversaries, with its subsidiaries also having a reason to celebrate: 35 years at the headquarters in Lich, 20 years at the subsidiary in India, and five years at the subsidiary in the USA.

BRANOpac Headquarter Lich
Produktion und Lager

The industrial company has specialized in customer-oriented solutions for corrosion protection as well as papers for the food industry, shipping and other technical papers. In order to be available to customers around the world, BRANOpac has an additional subsidiary in China as well as sales offices in France, Italy and Croatia.

"We protect your products - maintaining the value of good products" is the core statement of the company that employs more than 300 specialists worldwide. The history of BRANOpac GmbH's beginnings goes way back to 1875, when two retailers in Eschborn joined forces to form a wholesale packaging business called "Brangs und Heinrich". In 1987, the company BRANOpac GmbH was then founded as an independent company. Ever since, BRANOpac has been able to maintain and steadily expand its position in the market through the innovative thinking of its employees, through research and development, as well as through proven quality.

During its 35-year history, the company has not only been able to increase production; it has also seen continuous growth in the number of employees. Chief Executive Officer Jörg Schulte points out: "We have grown from a nationally operating paper finisher to a globally positioned medium-sized company that exports goods all over the world, with more than 300 employees worldwide.“

In addition to ensuring that the company remains in Lich long-term and seeing itself as a reliable employer, regional commitment is also of great importance to the management. Whether it is club memberships, school cooperation’s or diverse sponsoring activities; despite increasing Internationalization, BRANOpac seeks to maintain a strong connection to the region around its headquarters. "Thanks to a training quota of ten percent, the company also enables many young people to receive apprenticeship in rural areas", the CEO added with regard to BRANOpac's role as a Apprenticing company. BRANOpac is currently apprenticing 16 young people in six different professions.

Despite the difficult conditions caused by the pandemic and shortage of materials, the Lich-based company was not only able to celebrate its 35th anniversary, but also the completion of a record sales year in 2021. According to CEO Jörg Schulte, this success was primarily made possible due to the high level of motivation and the cohesion of the 300-member employee team.