Quality at the highest level - BRANOpac is once again BRC-certified!

At BRANOpac, quality is an essential part of our DNA. This is why our quality-conscious BRANOteam and comprehensive certifications guarantee the production of food papers at the highest international level.

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"Clean and safe, straight to the destination" is an essential statement at BRANOpac, which not only applies to the use of our products by customers, but also has a high priority in the internal processes in all business units (BRANOguard, BRANOtech, BRANOfood and BRANOscience).

When it comes to the food papers of our Blechrein brand, quality in terms of hygiene always comes first. After all, Blechrein papers are not conventional food papers, but stand for variety - whether for cooking, baking, steaming or simmering - there are unlimited possibilities for application (see also: www.blechrein.de/de/). 

With the certification according to the global standard of the British Retail Consortium (BRC) for packaging and packaging materials, we guarantee our customers and partners that our food papers are produced in a company with the highest hygiene standards. To achieve this, we work according to the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Standard (HACCP) and carry out extensive product controls at all stages of production.

We protect your products... maintaining the value of good products