Corrosion-free through the crisis - protected into the future

Do you need to store your goods temporarily and are you concerned about the protection of your products? BRANOpac is your contact for corrosion protection and services!

corrosion protection

With extensive knowledge and decades of experience, BRANOpac is the point of contact for corrosion protection - not only for worldwide transport, but also for packaging as well as short-term and long-term storage. Whether metal, steel, copper, small auto parts or large drive shafts. BRANOpac not only delivers products, we advises you and develop the right product for your application to ensure the best possible protection.

At the moment, the short-term storage of your goods and the adequate protection of corrosion-prone products is essential for maintaining value. BRANOpac is aware of these requirements and has coordinated all service and consulting activities with regard to problem analysis and process support.

Thanks to a modern R&D department and our application consultants, individual requirements and storage options can be customized to your needs to find the right anti-corrosion packaging. A network of subsidiaries, offices and distributors ensures global support!

Let your concern be ours and entrust us with your products!
We ensure that your products remain protected in the future!

BRANOpac – maintaining the value of good products