Perfect protection for your spare parts - individually adapted to the storage

BRANOpac offers the optimal solution for the packaging of your spare parts, which can be metal parts of various types. Adjusted to the conditions that your parts have to face during storage and transportation!

INA Ersatzteil

INA Ersatzteil

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Spare parts often have to be in stock so that the corresponding machines can be repaired as quickly as possible in the event of a failure. To guarantee that the spare parts are quickly available, they must be protected against damage.

In the agricultural sector, it is very important that agricultural machines like tractors are always ready for use and that they work reliably under extremely difficult conditions.

The application in the picture shows a spare part that is required for a compactor. A compactor is part of an agricultural tractor. By storing the spare parts in a corrosion protection packaging solution from BRANOpac, they are protected against environmental influences such as dirt, dryness and moisture. The manufacturer stored the spare part with a blank from BRANOrost in a PE bag. The blank of BRANOrost serves as a depot that emits the corresponding VCI emitters and thus creates a protective atmosphere within the PE bag. This protection enables reliable storage over a long period of time!

Do you produce or sell spare parts and do you need effective packaging to protect them from corrosion and external environmental influences? Contact the BRANOteam for a packaging solution for the robust and reliable storage of spare parts.

You can reach your direct contact at +49 6404 9142-824.

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