Regional proximity creates synergies

Likusta environmental solutions GmbH relies on BRANOpac corrosion protection packaging when transporting fans overseas.

Fan in foil
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At the beginning of March, the neighboring company Likusta became a customer of BRANOpac GmbH. Likusta needed a packaging solution for the overseas transport of fans. Therefore, BRANOpac offered a suitable corrosion protection solution.

What is important for overseas transportation? Overseas shipments are exposed to a variety of environmental influences, which can lead to rust and thus enormous losses. Rust formation is promoted, for example, by temperature fluctuations, high air humidity, condensation, splash and rainwater, salt water, dirt and dust.

During the packaging process of the fans application consultants from BRANOpac supported Likusta. With this support, BRANOpac offers its customers an additional service to ensure the correct application of the corrosion protection packaging and to bring the customer's products clean and safe, straight to the destination.