BRANOfol M4 60μm a VCI-film that sets new standards – thin but highly effective!

VCI corrosion protection films play a central role in the safe and reliable packaging of metal parts. BRANOfol M4 60µm a VCI film, which has proved to achieve the best corrosion protection effect certified by VW. The thinner BRANOfol M4 60μm not only enables easy handling, but also reduces disposal costs for the customer.

M4 Foil

BRANOfol M4 is a high quality corrosion protection film that work on contact as well as from distance. They are available in strengths of 40 to 300μm. Our corrosion protection films constantly release VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor), thus effectively protecting metal components during transport and storage.  

Within the film, a protective atmosphere is built up. Thus, the corrosion protection film BRANOfol M4 protects the packaged parts against corrosion for up to 12. Depending on the application, a long-term packaging is available that provides protection for more than 10 years.

The VW-certified BRANOfol M4 60μm received the best possible grade 2.0. It can be used everywhere and reliably protects steel, iron, cast iron (on contact) and non-ferrous metals against corrosion. Through intelligent combinations with selected additives from the BRANOmodule, further functional properties of the BRANOfol M4 60µm can flexibly be adapted to any application. Compared to the use of 100μm film, the use of the ultra-thin 60μm film results in a 40% material saving while maintaining the same effectiveness.

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